Top 3 Reasons why your washer stops mid cycle

Washing machine does a great help to our household chores. It eases up the tedious tasks for our daily chores. However, when a washer decides to get malfunction then it just does altogether in a day. And, even not turn on to work. Apart from that, it is also an irritating factor that a washer starts to work and does the work but it stops in the middle of the cycle. Now, what you are going to do? You just stand there and see the clumsy situation then feel frustrated. Before you contact any Washing Machine Repairs Near Me for this situation you can save some bucks by trying different methods to solve this problem.

So, this post is dedicated to repairing up the washer getting stopped in the mid of cycle. Let’s get started.

Top 3 reasons why your washer stops mid cycle and their solution

  1. Interruption in electricity supply

The first and really common reason for this problem might cause because of interruption in electricity supply. Make sure that your appliance is getting constant power supply and is firmly plugged into the socket. If you find that the electricity has been cut then check the fusebox. And, your problem might be solved. If you find that problem is still persisting then follow next Washing Machine Repairs technique.

  • The washer timer

The washer uses a timer to schedule the next cycle for the wash. Now, if this timer is creating problem, then it is not going to make the cycle smooth going. There are some of the washing machine models that offers you the option to remove the back of washer or the control panel and check the timer. However, this part does not easily damaged but it can misfunction over time. If the problem still persists then you can opt to go for Washing Machine Repairs Near Me but not before you try the next repairing method. Here you go.

  • Clogged Hose

There are times when the drain hose present on your washer becomes clogged then it can create the problem to stop the washer in the mid of the cycle. So, you are required to check the clogged hoses and disconnect them then move ahead to blow air into it. Make sure the hoses are cleaned properly so that you can use them without any disruption. Before you disconnect the hose, make sure you empty the washer and there is no water in it.

So, these were some of the methods to Washing Machine Repairs on your own and save some bucks. But if you are still facing issues with your washing machine then make sure to contact professional help and they will provide best solution for the problem.

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