What to do about fridge leaking water?

Your fridge really helps you to store food for a long time specially in summer time. But from some days you are getting to see some water leakage from your fridge. And, this problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Before you move forward to fix this problem through any Fridge repairs professionals, you will need to know about the reason behind the problems. So with this post we are going to help you solve the problem easily. So let’s get started.

Reasons behind fridge leakage and it’s solution

1- Fridge inclined towards forward of floor

If the fridge is inclined towards forward of your floor then it will create problems as it creates problem with coolant. So this is why it is important that the fridge remains inclined to the floor in backward direction so that the coolant can run properly.

2- Clean the drain hole

If you still getting the same problem then you might be searching for some freezer repairs solution as well. So, this the other solution for the same problem. Make sure to clean the drain hole because it gets clogged up with food particles which then stops water to drain. This situation creates the problem of overflow or leakage.

All you need to do is plugg off your fridge. Now locate the drain hole and pour some soap water and ammonia to kill bacteria. You can use any cleaner to clean the hole. Now you need to flush the hole with some water and the problem should be solved.

3- Damaged drain pan

The other Fridge repairs idea for this problem is to check the drainage pan. It’s normal for a fridge to leak some amount of water but the water is supposed to be collected in the built in pan. This pan is most likely to not get damaged. But if it’s leaking and gets cracked up then it’s the matter of tension.

So you would need to go to the backward side of your fridge and pull out the drain pan smoothly as it contains water. If the pan is damaged then you will need to get a change for it.

4- Food storage method

There are many of the high moisture items that you store in your fridge. This can be a reason for the leakage of fridge. If you put too much food against side wall then it’s going to push down water into salad drawer creating water flow.

When should you contact a professional help?

When you have tried the methods mentioned above and still the problem is occurring then it’s important that you contact Freezer repairs to get hassle free solution for the problem.

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